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Mineral House Media is an online curatorial collective focused on the enrichment of personal practice through connection, analysis, & the elevation of working contemporary artists.



Brianna Bass


Brianna Bass is a painter currently living in Knoxville, Tennessee. She received her BFA in Painting & Drawing from the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga in 2013. Themes in her work have included meditations on micro/macro reality, idealism and cosmology, and evolving structural frameworks. Her latest works are an exploration of ordered disorder, acting as methodical input/output experiments which take advantage of color relationships and visual confusion. Brianna is a small-business owner and full-time Aerial & Architectural photographer, which enables her to travel often.


Claire Bloomfield


Claire Bloomfield is a contemporary artist originally from Nashville, TN. She received her BFA in Photography and Media from UT Chattanooga in 2014. Most of Claire’s work is inspired from studio extensions and hands on exploration. Using the scanner bed to cultivate paintings, she plays with paradoxes around holy and toxic natures. She came up with this idea after spending time at an internship in India and volunteering at Sundog Ecovillage in Montana. She was inspired by the modern food culture and ritualistic practices of the East. Her studio studies continued to deepen as a greenhouse orchid caretaker 2015 and a cave guide explorer in 2016. She was featured in Chattanooga Pulse’s, State of the Arts Issue, as an up and coming artist of 2016 and has won various awards. Claire was also formerly a curator and founding member of Shapeshifter, A Moving Contemporary Gallery based in Chattanooga, Tennessee. She has participated in several public lectures including a process and materials talk at Swine Gallery, AVA,  and a public lecture at the Hunter Art Museum discussing “Making Opportunity” and "Examinations." Claire currently serves as curator and videographer for Mineral House. 


Jayme Hartness

Jayme Hartness is a writer and curator currently based in Nashville, TN. Having returned to her passion in writing after several years of Liberal Arts studies, her work discusses complex emotional data and multimedia storytelling as well as our contextualization of identity through flash fiction, condensed prose, and collaborative visual media. She seeks to foster conscious dialogue and bridge creative communities through working alongside makers, musicians, and storytellers across the region. Also serving as Literary Editor to the Music Neighbors community and freelance writer, Jayme finds delight and levity in supporting and attending local arts events, hosting open forum critiques, and fostering a taste for strong whiskey over podcasts and campfires.