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Rylan Thompson

August 2019 Digital Resident


“Drawing Drawing Drawing Drawing Drawing. I'm using my digital residency to look back on a life obsessed with drawing. Originally I was going to go about 15 years back to show the evolution of work that got me to the present, but I figured why not just go all the way back and tell as complete of a story as I can. There will unfortunately still be gaps in the timeline - obviously a lot of childhood work is gone (I was quite prolific back then), most of my college work has been given away or trashed (I think I even magically sold a piece or two), and plenty of other work since then has been sold or just lost along the way. That being said, there's still plenty left around to get a pretty good perspective of how my work has evolved over time.” -Rylan Thompson

More About Rylan:

Rylan Thompson is a Chattanooga based artist. He got his BFA from Northern Illinois University. Previously he lived and made art in Chicago, IL & Portland, OR.

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Mineral House Media’s digital residency program is series of online “takeovers.” Each selected artist is given full control of the Mineral House Media Instagram feed for 3 weeks. Residents complete an interview to be published at the close of their designated month. It is a great way to experiment, showcase your practice in a new way, and develop a new following. We still have openings for 2019, so Apply Here!

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