IN-STUDIO: Brandon Donahue [Podcast]

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A follow-up to "No Look Past," August 2018 at David Lusk Gallery in Nashville, TN.

We recently sat down with artist Brandon Donahue in-studio to discuss his take on topics including growing cultural and creative communities, the first basketball in his collection, and the tactile nature of re-purposing found objects with shared histories.

*Author’s Notes:

Due to discrepancies in our recording equipment, we experienced some technical difficulties towards the middle of this episode. At approximately 00:27:00, Donahue references a multi-phase project in collaboration with the Madison Community Center, opened in May 2018. You may follow his work and updates on this project via Instagram.

Music: “Crystals” by PrplSun

Follow Brandon:

Instagram: @bdonahue1111


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