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Digital Residency

Mineral House Media’ digital residency program a series of online artist residencies. Each selected artist will be given full control of the Mineral House Media Instagram feed for 3 weeks. During this time, the artist will make a minimum of 10 posts of their completed works, process, or documentation of experimental works. The selected Digital Resident will be featured on our landing page throughout the residency, along with selected images and an interview. The Mineral House Digital Residency is a great way to experiment, showcase your practice in a new way, and develop a new following. 

Option 1: Gallery Wall 

Show 10+ existing works: focus, exposure, cohesion.

Use this option as an exhibition space for finished work. Post 10+ high quality images of your work as if the digital space is a white room. Have the opportunity to share writing about your work, insight into the meaning of pieces, or personal narratives with the work - or simply share title information. (No pricing please)


Option 2: Experimental Body

Create 10+ new works specifically for exhibition in the Mineral House digital space.

Artists who select this option will have an opportunity to showcase an experimental branch of works which deviate from typical practice. This option is perfect for artists who have a well established aesthetic and carefully curated media exposure, but are full of new ideas. Artists may exhibit studio practices as an experimental body of work if images are high quality. Artists may start working prior to residency date.

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Mineral House Media: Digital Residency 

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2018 Digital Residents: