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"For Shadowing" at C for Courtside [Review]

C for Courtside’s second annual time-based media exhibition, For Shadowing, opened in Knoxville in March 2019. Audio-visual ephemera from films by Josh Azzarella, Martha Colburn, and Robyn O’Neil set a mysterious atmosphere in the industrial concrete space at 513 Cooper Street, into which the viewer descends via open stairway. Abstract, seemingly randomized ringing tones melt together with specific narrative sound effects. Two projectors at the center of the room cast the work of Azzarella onto one wall, and consecutively rotate works by Colburn & O’Neil on the opposite wall. The darkness acts as ether, from which each artist has laboriously conjured a view into a unique imaginary world. Curator Lynne Ghenov specifically chose these works to engage the spirit of Big Ears Music Festival, a nationally recognized celebration of experimental music and media which takes place annually in Knoxville.

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Jaime Bull: Rhinestone Cowgirls [Review]

Jaime Bull’s installation “Rhinestone Cowgirls” is on view at Whitespec in Atlanta, GA until March 23. Her tough yet wonky procession of feminine figures in glimmering raiment gives a sense of timelessness to an inner feminine story. It is a romantic, hilarious, sincere look into the past and future at once.

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